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Empire Immo is the online management game that allows you to embody an investor determined to build a real real estate empire!

For this, you will have to invest your money, your capital, as well as possible! Buy properties and rent them out, renovate them to attract a more luxurious clientele, or resell them! Your real estate profits will be the guarantee of your success, you will have to reinvest them constantly whether it is still in real estate or on the stock market! Even put your money in the bank to make it grow and always grow your Empire!

Free online management game

Empire Immo is that, an investor: you, an empire: yours, and a dose of talent, determination, and perhaps even luck? Will you be protected from water damage, bad weather and other events that could damage your property, sometimes costing you dearly! Will you let yourself be ruined by these vagaries of real estate life or will you be smart enough to take out a solid insurance contract?

You will be tempted to invest your money in the stock market! The possibilities of profit are colossal, but the risk is big, do you dare to brave the risk of losing your precious money to hope to win big, very big?

It's all in your hands from now on, so don't hesitate, get started and lead your Real Estate Empire to success!

Property management

Your empire is based on the one hand on a solo business where you must take charge of your destiny. As a real estate agent, you will have to invest in real estate and acquire or build many properties. Rents will be your main income. You will rely on banks and stock markets to diversify your investments. The insurances, the assistants and the city will be there to help you in your takeover. Learn more...

Free real estate game
Online business game

Business Management

To evolve with others, you can manage a company with other directors. You will have to invest in the stone, market your offer thanks to your commercial and marketing force. You will also have the possibility of putting your company on the stock exchange in order to increase the capital of your company thanks to the shareholders, in exchange for which, they will ask you for dividends. In turn, you can also become a shareholder in different companies. Learn more...

City management

If you like politics, then it is possible for you to manage your city. Becoming mayor and compiling your electoral list will be your first objective. The city aims to facilitate the investments of its inhabitants by managing taxes but also by offering a set of adapted services. The city runs its own bank as well as a solidarity fund to help the less fortunate. It is a place of exchange and community that allows everyone to progress. Learn more...

City management game
Free stock market game

Stock market management

Invest in the stock market to fund businesses while earning profit. You have the opportunity to participate in a fundraiser and take an equity stake in a company to then buy and resell it on the market. You get rich by taking profits or receiving dividends. Learn more...